Mumble: "Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection" Possible Cause

I did an extremely newb thing the other day that caused me a night of bewilderment and frustration.

Often times, some of my Friday Night Gamer buddies of mine will play ShootMania during our lunch break at work.  We sometimes communicate on Mumble, an excellent VOIP server made for gamers.

The problem this particular day is, none of the rest of my crew jumped in the server, so I basically ended up only wearing my headset to hear the game sounds.  Those of us in our server happened to all be in the same room on the same LAN, so it didn't matter.

That said, I completely forgot I had connected to Mumble before, so when we stopped our gaming session, I accidentally left Mumble connected.

Fast forward a couple of days, to Friday Night Gaming and it's time for me to get my game on with my buddies.  I connect to my Mumble server from home (with the same account I use at work...)  It connects for about 30 seconds, then kicks me back off, with the error message:

"Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection"

30 seconds later, it reconnects (Mumble was set to auto-reconnect should it get disconnected.)

After much frustration and realizing that the rest of my crew was having no problem, I gave up and we all moved to our back-up server.  After we finished our gaming session, I was bugged and wanted to discover why this had happened to me.

Like a sunrise, it dawned on me...

"I'm still connected at work... and Mumble there is also configured to reconnect."

I quickly logged on to the VPN and connected to my work machine, saw myself logged in there and disconnected.

I connected from home again and was happily staying connected.

Moral of the story: If you connect to Mumble using multiple computers or devices (they have iOS, Mac OS X and Linux clients too) and you ever encounter this error; make sure you are not connected from another device still; especially with "auto-reconnect" enabled.

I'm sure there are other reasons this error will come up, and I can't help you there.  But if this scenario is a possibility for you, make sure you explore it and correct it as necessary!

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Unknown said...

Had to post to say Thanks, that your solution worked for me, but I did have to go to the other machine and log out then the machine I was on would stay connected.
The odd thing is though, that out of the box, when I logged in on my laptop previously, Mumble would disconnect the other connected instance on the PC and all would be well. There was no issues with the Reconnect settings being ticked.
This all came about because my Mumble server died and I had to get Murmur up and running on a different PC as a temp solution, created new certs for the temp machine, and afterwards even after importing the Cert to the laptop, and "the other PC", either would get stuck in this Connect/Disconnect loop where that never happened previously (I didn't previously have to untick the Reconnect box in order to have Murmur cleanly disconnect the running instance in use on another machine and allow me to carry on at the machine I was now on).
Anyway, unticking Reconnect on all client machines now allows them to function as expected so thanks.