[SOLVED] Dolby Atmos isn't working with VUDU on my Roku Ultra!

If you are experience audio playback issues with your home theater system while trying to play UHD movies with Dolby Atmos soundtracks through VUDU on your Roku device, but can play other Dolby Atmos movies through other means (like Blu-Rays), try the following:

  • Start at the Roku Home screen
  • Navigate to: Settings | Audio | HDMI and S/PDIF
  • Make sure the setting is "Auto detect" (not one of the other issues that can force formats)
Roku: HDMI and S/PDIF audio setting configured for "Auto detect"
For a detailed explanation of what was happening with my own system when I encountered the issue and how I came to the solution, see my detailed write-up on it.

I hope this helps save someone some time so you can spend it enjoying those amazing Atmos soundtracks!

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