PYLE PMXU128BT - Play music from laptop using USB out from laptop to USB in on mixer

Make sure the mixer's power is turned on!!!

I connected my laptop to my PYLE PMXU128BT via USB, trying to play music to the mixer from the laptop.  It lit up nicely but showed the "To PC" icon on the display.  No music came out when I slid the MP3 and "MAIN OUT" volume sliders up.  I understood that the mixer should support this but it didn't seem to.

I contacted PYLE support and the friendly agent informed me that the USB port is only one direction, out from the mixer to the PC.

What didn't make sense to me was that my laptop was showing the mixer as the Output Device.

After ending my online chat with PYLE support, it dawned on me that I hadn't turned the power on to the mixer!!!  I realized that if you don't turn the power on, the board will still work in
mixer >> USB >> laptop mode, so the "To PC" icon was correct.

As soon as I turned the mixer's power on, it started playing my music out through the mixer to my sound system!!  So it appears the USB port is bi-directional after all, you just need to make sure that power is flowing through the mixer.